Saturday, January 15, 2011

Question for the crafty people.....

So this year I was hoping to move away from the tacky SpongeBobSquarePantsish Valentine's Day cards and come up with our own using photoshop. Then as if Shana at Florabella was reading my mind, she posted some free templates for Valentine's Day Cards on her Facebook page. There are some really cute designs including bookmarks which I think would make a really neat V-day card for 2nd and 3rd graders!! If you want them you can find the details HERE and you'll need to "like" her Facebook page HERE.

And the designs are really easy to manipulate. What I am now finding difficult is where does one print such things. Places like Shutterfly don't do straight-up printing of photoshop files, they fit your picture into their own designs. A print house might be pricey considering these are to be handed out in school. So what is a girl to do? Print them at home. I guess I could, they wouldn't look GREAT but then again, they are to be handed out at school. Plus I am hoping to do them double sided and frankly I'd probably use a ream of paper and an entire ink cartridge just getting the damn sides to line up.

Anyone out there got any suggestions???


About Me said...

Hey Shannon, If you have this whole image as a photoshop file why can you just print it as a blank card- w/o using any design template on shutterfly?

Shannon said...

That's what I can't figure out. I don't see blank cards on shutterfly or any other site like that. I only see ones where there is a design around a photo opening. Have you found a way to upload a .jpg and print JUST your photo?