Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I am such a goal oriented person that it seems weird that I am not a New Years Resolution kinda gal. But the truth is I think it is silly to limit yourself to setting goals to just once a year. However, as 2011 begins I can't help but think back to all that I am thankful for from 2010. It was an amazing year filled with travel, personal exploration, and cherished family moments. This year I look forward to improving my digital photography skills, which was something I started seriously working on last spring. My goal is to be able to make rock star images on the fly and capture some great moments with my family. The three areas of photography I particularly love are travel, food, and kids. I hope this year I can capture the incredible colors and sights of Asia as we travel to China. We shall see what lies ahead!

In the meantime, here are some b/w shots from Christmas as I participate in The Long Road To China's black & White Wednesdays.

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