Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Agency Weekly Update

It is amazing how painful the silence is when it is your LID swirling around in the rumor bowl. My agency does weekly updates on Wednesday and today they posted on their internal website that matches were indeed complete but that they don't know when to expect them.

So what does that mean? 

Beats me.

Tomorrow?? Friday?? 

Please, please, just don't make me wait it out over the holiday weekend. I beg of you.


Sue said...

I'm almost as excited as you are! I don't want to wait to see her face either! It'll be a really long weekend otherwise...

Glinda said...

Love your photograph!

Finally, the end is in sight for you!

Tickled Pink Talk said...

I CAN. NOT wait to see her!! Fitting that I am back where we were when this all started! :). I am beyond excited for the Pickle household and checking in often!