Friday, June 03, 2011

Projections are out and they look GOOD!

Each month, a few days after referrals are mailed, RQ does a post about when we might see the next batch of matches and then makes some projections based on history of how big or small the batch may be. She's often right but in last month's case she was wildly wrong in a good way. But even so, those of us 5 years in, hang onto any piece of information regardless of how speculative it might be. In just a few cases the CCAA has not even gotten to her worst case scenario so that is always a possibility. That was what happened in April.

Her projections came out today and here is her little box:

So what does all this mean? As China started doing fewer and fewer matches each month, RQ kept having to downsize the typical batch size. So Spring of 2008 we thought they were doing really small batches only to learn a few years later the batches would get even smaller. So Spring2008Small is a bigger estimated size than Spr 2010, and Wntr 2011. It seems that in nearly any scenario, we are next. And just typing that made my heart race so fast I got lightheaded.

But if China does the same size batch they did this time around at the end of June, they will get to about July 22nd. When I tell you that, if that happens, you will hear screaming from CO to the East Coast and everywhere in between. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been waiting all these years with some wonderful people whom I've grown very attached to and the thought of some of us not traveling together breaks my heart. So if all you readers out there could cross your fingers and say a little wish for us, wish that the CCAA gets to 7/22/06 next time.

A huge collective wish just might make it happen.


Chatty Cricket said...

legs and fingers CROSSED.

Danielle said...

Fingers are crossed! Hoping you get to travel with your friends!