Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well I asked and I received. We awoke to rumors this morning and they are of the JUICY variety. Tasty, delicious, juicy rumors that are saying matches have been mailed and that they go through July 6, 2006!!! We are LID 7/6/06. And if this is true it is ironic b/c 5 years ago today my dossier left my agency in Colorado to fly east to China. How wonderful if my match was flying west to CCAI exactly 5 years later.

So it seems the stork may be in the air, as soon as I hear confirmation, I'll post it here!

**6/29 8:00 am UPDATE** Boy it sure seems that all the other times a rumor leaked matches were already mailed, we saw them landing in Europe before now. I was waiting for the our agency said they have a package on the way  rumor to show up yesterday or how about a referrals have landed in Europe rumor this morning?? Nothing but crickets!! Arrrggg. It is 2 pm in Europe already so if something was going to show up today, we would have heard about it already. Boo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Holding my breath for you!

Glinda said...

Can you call your agency; would they tell you if they knew? Just wondering???

The sooner you get your referral, the sooner I get mine 8/2/06!! :)