Friday, October 21, 2011

Neverending Onions!

All week we've been enjoying the onions I caramelized last weekend. We've been using them as the star ingredient in some meals and just a quick enhancer in others.

Yesterday our weather started out all gloom and doom but by mid-day, blue sky and sun were out in full force. By late afternoon we were having some unseasonably warm weather and it made me want to fire up the outdoor grill one last time before the weather really turns cold. So I ran out and grabbed some fat steaks and made a quick pile of mashed potatoes. Simply grilled steaks flavored with fresh cracked pepper and sea salt topped with a heap of caramelized onions, served with luscious mashed and a salad was a perfect dinner for my soccer playing, busy day surviving family. I had intended to save some potatoes to reheat for the baby today but they didn't last. I think bowls and spoons were licked.

 And now I am nearly to the bottom of my 5 lbs of caramelized onions. I will probably be able to toss them in a quiche over the weekend and perhaps one more dish and that will be it. I could freeze them but frankly I'd rather eat 'em.

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Cynthia In Denver said...

3 words: carmalized onion marmalade.