Friday, November 04, 2011

Christmas Gift Idea

Don't get me wrong here. I hate that Christmas seeps into the rest of the fall holiday season and threatens to kill off all those b-list holidays. It's as if it thinks it's better than all the other holidays and that they are just the preamble to it as the main attraction. Oh I know it isn't Christmas' fault. It is all those greedy retailers out there who even before Halloween clear out prime floor display real estate to make room for Christmas trees! {yes Target, I'm talking about YOU!}

But I can't help but show you a really cool gift for any little people on your Christmas list.

Before you get all geared up for Black Friday or CyberMonday or whatever they will do this year if rumors are true that holiday sales will start before those two traditional post-Thanksgiving mega-sale days, you should take a look at products made by Uncle Goose. They sell unbelievably well made products for the crawling around set. I am not being asked or paid to make a plug for these people. My daughter received two sets of their wooden blocks this year and they are her absolute favorite toys. What I love about Uncle Goose is that they thought to incorporate other languages into their block sets. We love to introduce the kids to as much culture as possible but our youngest child actually comes from a completely different culture and frankly, our family is still the something new and different for her. I want Chinese culture, language, and tradition to be a part of her life forever so she can choose to embrace as much of her heritage as she wishes when she is older.

The blocks also come in European languages in addition to things like the periodic table for all you science types!! Honestly, how cool is that? And the company even has a way for you to replace a single block should your dog { yes Parker, that would be YOU} decide to gnaw on it while you are not looking.

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Glinda said...

These are going on my registry, if I ever find the time to actually start on! Love them! Fabulous idea.