Thursday, November 03, 2011

Photographs and your family memories

When you think back to your childhood, are some of your memories visualized by the photographs your parents took? Does the picture of you standing next to a bright yellow bike with a banana seat and a big red bow pop into your head when you think about your childhood birthdays? I grew up in a shutter happy family {actual darkroom in basement} and although we had wallpapered walls (really good 70's wallpaper I might add) we might as well have had bare walls because they were so covered with family photographs that you could barely notice the large format blue gingham print behind the frames. When I think back to 8th grade graduation or my neighborhood friends or that ski trip, I immediately think of a picture my mom took that is likely hanging somewhere in our house.

I love that pictures do that for us. I love that we are able to freeze time through a lens and preserve it for the future. And I love that the photographs I take today will hopefully color my children's memories of their childhood. I carry a DSLR with me pretty much wherever I go but thanks to some pretty cool technology, it doesn't require a keen eye or a fancy lens to get a special picture these days.

Like many of you I love my iPhone and my photo apps. I used Hipstamatic to get the shot of Cici in the tub that now graces my banner above and I recently downloaded {and can't stop using} my Incredibooth app.




Gone are the days of people in dark clunky glasses, short brimmed hats, and red lipstick piling into a photobooth for silly group shots. 

Or are they? 
It's all back. 

The glasses, the hats, the dark stained lips are all back in fashion these days but where are those photobooths??? Yes, for the most part, those are gone. Which is why I ADORE my Incredibooth app. I can make silly photo strips wherever I am. Watching TV with my son, making dinner in the kitchen with my husband, on my way to put the baby to bed, or out to dinner with my treasured friends. 

I know for certain that these photo strips will become part of the fabric of our family memories. I am just trying to figure out how to print and frame them. If you don't have either of these apps, you're missing out on some serious fun so what are you waiting for. Go get 'em!

And just in case you find one of the four photographs to be extra special, you can save it separately on your iPhone!!!

Friends for 25 years. What could be better?

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