Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Meal Planner. Recipe Organizer. Life Saver.

Finally, some help in the kitchen!!

 PepperPlate is by far my favorite meal planning software ever! As you all know I adore messing about in the kitchen and putting a yummy meal on the table. But with three kids, a dog, a husband, the PTO, and oh yeah, me and all my crazy other interests, getting a plan together while also having the right food on hand is a challenge. I am always a sucker for that new meal planning device or app and frankly none of them have ever worked out.

Until now!

This is an app that I have on my iPhone but it wirelessly syncs to the website to update new recipes, menus, and calendars. It has enabled me to....
my recipe list 

It has enabled me to keep my favorite recipes literally at my fingertips and allows me to plan a week's worth of meals and create a shopping list in mere seconds. I had 60 minutes to run to the grocery store yesterday with baby before school pick-ups and I had no list and no plan. Which really meant that I would be walking out of the store with who the hell knows what! I parked the car and spent about 3 minutes running through my recipes and added them to my calendar for the week and fed them all into the PepperPlate shopping list. You can sort the shopping list by recipe or by aisle. I like to do the latter, much more efficient especially when you only have an hour. 

 The best part about PepperPlate is that you don't have to manually enter recipes!!! Whoo hooo! Right?? All you do is copy and paste a link from a supported website and like magic, the recipe appears on your list. Another nice thing is that when you are adding a recipe to your shopping list you can adjust the scale and it will adjust both the recipe and your shopping quantities. So if you have a recipe that makes 4 servings but you want to make it for 2 or 8 you can adjust accordingly. 

When you are adding recipes, you'll want to do it on your computer. There may be a way to do it off the phone but I find it easier to copy and past on my laptop. Here is what the computer screen shots look like of PepperPlate's website:

where you add a link to import a recipe. list of supported websites.

menu planning feature

And here is what it looks like on your phone:

If you are like me and run to the grocery store with NO plan whatsoever and then kick yourself for not figuring it out beforehand, YOU NEED this app. It saves me. Just a little advice from me to you. I would love for people to share links of their favorite recipes in the comments to build up our PepperPlate apps! Here, I'll start...

This is a new favorite as EVERYONE in my family loves it. How rare is that? 


Alison Ryan said...

AH YAY! This is what you told me about and then it fell right out of my brain. Downloading!

Jeanne P said...

This is brilliant! I've been looking for something exactly like this for so long!