Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Week & Baby Steps

Today we celebrate 1 year from our LID. It has gone by in a flash but there has not been a single day that goes by where I don't think about my daughter in China. In my heart I have three children it is just a matter of going to get her. Last year on July 6th I was working in my garden and I found a ladybug and for some reason I just knew in my heart that we were being logged in that day. I was excited to later learn that I had been right, we were infact logged in on 7/6. This week I was playing in my garden with the kids and a ladybug landed on my shoulder. Again, I felt the presence of my daughter. She is out there and will find her way to us.

There are three bits of good news this week. 1) Referrals have been mailed. 2) The review room reviewed 31 days worth of dossiers in 14 days. That is a humdinger of good news. In the past it has taken them anywhere from 1-3 months just to review 30 days so 31 days in 14 is GREAT news. They are through reviewing dossiers that arrived before May 31st so they are working on June right now. After they get through June we will be next!!!! I am very excited. Now for the last piece of good news for the week, a favorite family of mine is in China right now picking up their Mei Mei. I am thrilled for them as they have had a picture of their daughter since last September. I can't wait until they get home!


tracy said...

Happy one year!!! Cruising right along!

I agree, I really have 4 children and I just need the go ahead to go bring her home!

Shandra said...

Happy 1 year!

Same here, I have 3 just sleeps in another country but they all live in my heart.

Doris & Dan said...

Happy 1 year!!!

Keep smilin!

Kristin said...

I feel the same fourth is in China....we just patiently wait for her to be home. That red thread is strong isn't it?