Wednesday, July 18, 2007


************** J O H N M A Y E R ***************************

Last night we went to see "John" as he is affectionately called at our house, and oh man was he great. We sat in the 6th row! At the start of the show when he walked out onto the dark stage and you could barely make out his sillouette, I heard my SIL gasp "he cut his hair". The lights went up and sure enough he had cut his hair and perhaps had a swig of hottie potion b/c he looked great. There was not a single female in the whole place who was not swooning last night. Married or not- it didn't matter.

The great thing about JM concerts is that I LOVE every song that is played. Unlike other concerts where I go hoping to hear one or two of my favorites, I love everything John plays so I am such a happy camper the whole time. He is a GREAT performer and is incredible to see live.

My current favorite song of his is Belief and he played that last night. It was great.

He played a bunch of old stuff too which took us back to the early days with L & B. Such a great night.


Shandra said...

You were so close! looks like fun

Alyson & Ford said...

Major jealousy on this end. The whole family loves JM...