Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dual for a Dual UPDATE!

I have so much to post about... our vacation in Maine....First day of School.... but before I get to all that, I must update you about my previous post on my seemingly never ending Dual with the UK passport office (which you can read about here) for SJ's British Passport.

Well today the UPS man arrived with an unexpected package. We got home from Maine on Saturday to find our front door littered with UPS post it notes saying they had attempted delivery of something needing a signature. SJ immediately turned to me and asked what kind of expensive thing had I ordered off the internet. I was as puzzled as he was (much to his relief). Well today while drinking my first Starbucks in a week and watching my favorite soap, the UPS man returned. I jokingly said, "gosh, we've been waiting with baited breath to see what kind of important package warrented all those sticky notes on our front door." He replied, "dunno, something from a passport office." Well I started leaping around on my front deck and ripped the envelope open to find a shiny new maroon passport in SJ's name. Under the nationalities header it says "British Citizen"!

Now I am going get to work to get L and B their UK passports. I'll be doing all the heavy lifting here and don't even get one of my own. Oh well! Can I come back in my next life as one of my children?

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Meg said...

YEAH!!!!!!! good for you guys- you deserved such a great surprise after such a long process! glad to hear you are all well.