Saturday, July 02, 2011

For your child

If you are a parent you know that you'll scale walls and leap over mountains for any one of your children. There isn't anything that could prevent me from protecting any one of (I almost said "either" but now I have 3) my children no matter where they are. This adoption has been an amazing thing. Five years of waiting for a fantasy baby is a strange strange ride. You sort of know what to expect but you don't. The "when", the "where", the "what" is such a mystery until someday it just happens.

I only had Cici's photo for about 12 hours when I discovered her package was missing. About 6 hours later it seemed it was really missing and that is when I learned that this could prevent us from traveling as soon as possible to get her. The ferocious mama bear was out in full force yesterday to protect a daughter I had not yet met, but had only seen once in a single photograph. MY DAUGHTER. Mine! My daughter is sleeping on a wooden planked crib in an orphanage in southern China. From what I have learned she is in an orphanage that has great nannies and the children come to their families having been well taken care of. But that does not mean I want her to spend one single extra day sleeping on a wooden plank. No. I want her to start knowing that people care for her because she is a loved daughter and sister and not just a number in an orphanage. I do think that the nannies care for our babies but they are in charge of SO MANY babies at one time. I want Cici to learn as soon as possible that she doesn't have to compete or wait for attention and love. 

So yesterday was a nice little exercise in finding out exactly how I feel about this baby. It didn't take me long to make her "my kid" and as the other two know, watch out when someone makes mom mad!

I finally heard from my friend and travel mate who is away this weekend but also received a match on Thursday night. She didn't discover her package went missing until late yesterday and then she immediately called me. Luckily she has a friend very high up in FedEx management who went to bat for us last night. When her friend tracked our packages, she was impressed with all that I had done yesterday. I believe the words were "girl, your friend's been busy!" I guess there were pages and pages of notes in my file and I had managed to trigger some elite group of FedEx package finders. She said I had managed to get my package marked in a way that requires an overnight search of all 160+ planes. So Cici, if you are reading this someday, this was the very first time I had the PLEASURE to protect you my dear. Nobody, absolutely nobody, gets to mess with my kids without taking abuse from me!

And this morning I woke up to this tracking record...

So they apparently found it overnight in Memphis and it is on a plane right now up to Boston...I think.

And all of this leads to a question many of you China Moms maybe asking yourselves, "do I take the infamous FedEx picture or not?"


bbk said...

YAY!!! Can't wait to see the Fed Ex picture!!! :)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

The plank of wood... apparently down in her area it is very, very hot and the 'wood' is a normal thing in that area cause of the heat and how it is easy to 'clean'... in winter they have small mattresses... just remember... they are given a small piece of towel to hold at night... we gave Shauna a face cloth at the hotel and she would go to sleep holding it... to this day though she doesn't hold it but will rub material together and suck her thumb... so glad the package is finding it's way to you

Julie Duggan said...

Love reading this! What a lucky little girl. Congratulations to you and your family. I am very excited for you all.

Tickled Pink Talk said...

Ha! So NOT surprised that you got the expert trackers involved! ;). And I'm glad S torture the Fed ex guy for a picture. xoxo

The Landes Family said...

I know exactly what you mean. We got our referral 5 years ago on May 26th. Which by the way was over the Memorial Day Weekend. Our paperwork was to arrive the next day. It to was lost. But just ours. The other travel mates all got theirs. We e-mailed them all and let them know we did not receive our package, but as soon as we get it, it was going back that day. We got it on that Tuesday and sent it back. Luckly, it did not delay us at all. I too was like a mama bear.

Your new daughter is beautiful. I love her eyes. She is so blessed to have a forever family in a few weeks. Enjoy and congratulations.

Alyson and Ford said...

The drama and trials continue through out the process, but you will be well prepared! Good going getting your package - I would have been on hot mad alert too!
And, yes,everyone should take a picture of their UPS driver - ours was to sweet!
Alyzabeth's Mommy
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