Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Did you have a sparkly Fourth of July? 

We certainly did!!!

Celebrated not only this country's independence but also a dear friend's birthday. Luckily said friend has a prime location for firework viewing. We are lucky to live in a beautiful town with land surrounding a beautiful harbor. The firework barge drops anchor right outside the harbor so our town is really one of the best places for watching the night sky light up on the 4th! And just because I am all for supporting evidence proving my point {cuz yes, I shur luv to be right...just ask my husband}, I'll point out that Coastal Living also agrees that we have a spectacular show on the 4th of July.

Despite a little rain, we had a great night for sparklies in the sky. The rain cleared out right before the sun set so we had some pretty colors in the clouds before darkness set in. Here is SweetPea with one of her best friends, a cousin of sorts, sitting on a fence waiting for the fireworks. 

Once it got dark enough, the birthday girl handed out sparklers, which in this day and age of recalls, safety standards, and age/weight limits, my kids have not tried before! I checked over-protective mama at the door and just let them have fun. Hey, I survived them. It was sweet to watch their faces as the sparks flew in their little hands.

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