Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It isn't easy finding a day when ALL the people in this family are home and not imminently traveling overseas. Both my husband and my mother seem to live on airplanes and are often on trips requiring them to leave this country with passport in hand. So the thought of having to apply for a visa for China stressed me out a bit. The passports would be gone for about 10 days and frankly between those two, I wasn't sure I'd find a ten day stretch with them both home and NOT using their passports. Well interestingly enough, they both finished their international travel just in time and neither one has plans for an overseas trip until August. 


Today, fresh off a plane from somewhere, my mother arrived at my house ready to tackle the visa application process. Simple, right? Just a few forms and we'd be at the pool by noon relaxing. 

Um. No. 

It was a 4 page form requiring detailed information we didn't have. It was complicated. I would fill out one section and then discover that either the visa courier or my agency would want me to put something different. I printed and reprinted these 4 page applications so many times.

I wanted to cry.

In the end I mailed them off with a hope and a prayer that they would be sufficient to get us visas.

UPDATE: They were submitted on Thursday and we hope to get them back next week. Cross your fingers!

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