Monday, February 05, 2007

Hissssss. thud. thud. thud. thud.

I saw something like that on a billboard just outside Hartford, CT as an ad for AAA's roadside service and chuckled that it was cute.

Not 10 minutes later immediately after dropping my husband off at the airport, that is what I heard. Hissss. thud. thud. thud. thud. I hop out and see my rear driver's side tire flat as a pancake. Alone, 2+ hours from home, 2 cranky toddlers in the back, and 11 degree temps with high winds made for this to be a less than ideal situation. I called AAA and they said they would meet me in about an hour. We got the tire changed and the dinky spare put on and I hobbled home in my Sienna. The moral of the story: Always have a good book in the car cuz it will turn an unexpected delay into treasured reading time. (suggestion only works if coupled with a DVD system in the car to keep the kids occupied.)


tracy said...

I had a flat and no AAA. I called my DH and he said to me, "Hmmm, let's think who you can call..." "WHAT??? YOUR WHO I CALL, YOUR MY HUSBAND ^&$#&^head!"

Lunchtime, 3 hungry kids, temps in the 100's, no DVD, 569 games of I spy and finally one of his empoyees showed up 1 1/2 hour later. Now I have On Star.

TBG Happenings said...

We got a flat in NJ on our way to NYC! AAA was there in less than an hour. We were on the NJ turnpike and let just say I was scared. The trucks were flying by us....did I mention it was at 10:00 at night! AAA is worth every dime.


Donna said...

Oooh!! No fun! I'll remember the suggestion for reading material, in case of emergency! I hate having time to kill with NOTHING to do!!