Monday, February 19, 2007

Things are looking up!

I was going to start a diet next week. You see for some reason I have given myself the liberty to eat whatever I want whenever I want for the past two months. It is showing. The hardest thing I find about dieting is reducing my calories at the beginning. Well someone was looking out for me yesterday when I came down with a throw-up bug. Not only did I not eat anything yesterday but I tossed up anything left in my stomach. I also have no interest in anything but water so this reducing my calories thing so go much easier than I thought AND the diet will start a week earlier than scheduled.

Also, YouTube decided to get my video up. It is a quick thing I did Saturday night about our CNY festivities that day. The sound and picture won't be great as I took it all with my digital still camera.


Elise said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well but I guess it is a good way to start a diet....I think:)

Loved the video presentation of your day at the CNY celebration. We went to a similar event last year right after we started the paperchase and I too felt a deep connection to our daughter. That was so neat that it was at the same place you were married! I love moments like those! Your kids are both so cute too!!!

Hope you get back to feeling better this week!

tracy said...

I wish I had the puking, lose weight fast diet.

I'll come back to check out the video when I have more time, but I'm sure it's spectacular!

Meg said...

the video is really fun to watch! the boys loved seeing it and mostly liked seeing L and B. Sorry you were sick- but glad you kickstarted your diet! -

Donna said...

I hear ya' about the throw-up bug / weight loss thing! After the triplets, I had at least 20 excess pounds on me for 2 years. I got a nasty stomach thing that lasted for a full week and lost 5 pounds. Gave me the start to finally lose that weight! lol... Best of luck! And, hope you feel better.