Monday, February 26, 2007


Just when I thought one rollercoaster was enough, I have decided to ride two at the same time. Our family has decided to relocate to another part of the country. We have enrolled L in a fantastic school which excites me more than I can say. I will be going to culinary school once the kids are settled in their new schools and the best part is that SJ will keep his same job as his company is fine with him working remotely. This will be a great distraction from the wait since we will have to sell a house and buy another one. Oh and pack up all our crap. YIKES! So here we go kids, buckle-up!


Meg said...

It is good to keep the family on their wouldn't want them to get bored!!!!! I didn't know about culinary school- that sounds like so much fun- I'm sure it is tough but you'll do great!!! I can't wait to "borrow" all the great recipes you learn!!!!!

Shandra said...

Oh what wonderful news! You will be very busy in the coming months!

tracy said...

Woohoo! I wish throwing a for sale sign up would come that easy to me. Still a decision I struggle with.

Did you say country?? or county?? Where ya headed? Sounds like a win win decision! Can't wait to follow your move!

Susie said...

I'm totally having the itch to move right now. I hope it's not a huge stress, but just a new adventure for you and your children!

Tawni said...

K - moving must be in the air - I've got the bug too. Where ya goin'? Remember - Utah is good skiing!

Culinary School!!! Will you cook for me when you're done?

So exciting!

Donna said...

Shannon, I'm excited about your new venture! It'll be hectic and you'll probably mutter to yourself at some point "what in the blazes are we doing??"...but, in the end I think you're going for your dream!