Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Interrupt my bitchfest for important breaking news...

I have copied much of this from my agency website which is usually a no-no but in this case we need all the help we can get.

The USCIS is proposing rate increases which will affect all of us. In my personal opionon, I am more annoyed the USCIS has not payed attention to our repeated attempts to get them to extend the validity of the 171H than I am by this extra $135. The whole process will have me racking up several thousand extra dollars so this small increase does not impact me terribly HOWEVER it is the principal of the thing. When there are so many waiting families who have petitioned the USCIS on this matter it is as if they were covering their ears saying "la, la, la, la".

Here is the information CCAI is providing:

The proposed changes include:
1.) Biometrics (fingerprints) from $70 to $80 per person, and
2.) the I-600A from $545 to $670.

As most families must re-file their I-600A to get a new I-171H, this proposed change will affect you! USCIS has invited the public submit their comments regarding these changes by April 2, 2007. (If the changes do go into effect, it is anticipated they will be in place by May/June 2007, according to our local USCIS office).

We invite you to submit your comments to USCIS, by clicking on the link to the USCIS site.

After clicking on the link above, follow the three steps below to access the COMMENTS Form:

1.) Enter KEYWORD:

2.) Then click Submit
3.) Finally, click on symbol below words "Comments add/due by 4/2/07"



tracy said...

OH I will! URRRR!

Tawni said...

On my way over!!! (!@!%#@^!% idiots!)

Shandra said...

Done! Gosh I hope this helps.

Michael said...

I am right there with you. It is so unfair that the USCIS feels that they can and will just run all over us adoptive families. I am glad to see someone else blogging about this too as it doesn't seem to have much exposure.
There is also another bill in congress to extend the 171H- it is HR 628. I would suggest taking a moment to contact your respresentative.