Thursday, July 16, 2009

La vie chez nous...

I hope you are all noticing that finally I have an eat-in-kitchen! It is surprisingly functional - if I am in there alone. It is just so Parisian & I love it. I am sure it will get old at somepoint but for now it makes me feel like une vraie maman francaise!

Sweet Pea checking out the goings on outside the front window.

Our first dinner in Paris. Those are Stella Artois bottles and here they sell them in two sizes. The ones in the picture are the petits. I think it is great b/c while I love a good beer on a hot summer day I find that it fills me up.

Sweet Pea and Buddy discussing what to do the next day. Those are City Walks for Kids cards. We have two sets of walking tour cards for Paris. They are great b/c you don't have to carry a whole guide book with you around the city. Just grab the card you want to do and you're off!

Our dinner the second night.

I am not very good at making pie crust from scratch. When I mix flour with a liquid it usually goes wrong. For my quiches at home I buy dough you can roll out but in preparation for this trip I thought I'd learn to make Pate Brisee from scratch. I managed to do it enough at home to get comfortable with knowing how the dough should feel and roll out. I guess that was like bringing an umbrella on a trip so it doesn't rain. The quiche here has Pate Brisee made from....a box. Yup. Even the French like their conveniences. A box of wonderful - and I mean really good- pie dough is 1 euro so there are now a few in my freezer!

From my seat at the dining room table, I see this. It is a nice reminder of where I am!


Jeanne said...

Hi - I'm also LID 7/7/06 using the same agency as you. I found your blog on one of the yahoo groups, and have been lurking here a while. My husband and I spent a week and a half in Paris for our honeymoon, and I am sooo jealous that you get to be there now. Well, jealous and happy that I get to relive some of my memories vicariously through you. Hope you all continue to have a wonderful time!

SPY said...

Hi Jeanne!

Welcome. Have you joined the small July only yahoo group for our agency? It is a really small group of women who expect to be traveling together and I know we would all love to hear from you there. Many of them just met up in Nashville but I was moving out that weekend so I couldn't go.

Chatty Cricket said...

I find it hilarious that you only had to go TO PARIS for your eat in kitchen!


Tickled Pink Talk said...

hello! Thanks for showing some glimpses of your place!! You are giving me the travel bug....