Thursday, July 23, 2009

Music Television. Remember that?

It is cold and rainy here today so I am taking the opportunity to stay inside and fais le menage. (housecleaning)

I decided to flip on the TV to entertain the restless monkeys and low and behold, I found MTV playing actual music videos. In fact one after another- video after video after video. The kids sat blankly staring at the TV and yes, I know, I am a mom who exerts lots of TV restrictions but they were mesmerized. It then dawned on me that with the advent of reality TV - MTV at home pretty much doesn't play videos anymore so it was likely they had never seen a music video. Its all Cribs, Road Rules and other crap. So I explained to the kids what a music video was and shuffled off thankful that at least one place on earth knows that MTV stands for MUSIC TELEVISION!


Meg said...

wow! actual video's- funny, Eva-Kate loves music has since we met her and China has their own version which plays actual videos too- she loved it- the funny part is they'd let the swear words through but would bleep "mtv".....I forget which song it was that said MTV in it but it was bleeped!

Elise said...

I loved waking up this morning to read your sweet comments. I really appreciate that since I am constantly second guessing myself in this endeaver.

I have an idea though. How about I fly to Paris and then I can photograph your children?;) Sounds like a good plan to me, hehe...I was in Paris when I graduated from high school and would love to go back 24 years later and I am sure I would appreciate it a lot more now too!

I have loved looking at your newest adventure there. Such an excited thing and your kids are old enough to remember! Keep up all the great posts so we can live
through you:)

Elise said...

Oh one more thing...I took an online class with the very talented Karen Russell. My photography completely changed after that. She has a great style of capturing the moments that tell a story. If you get a chance take her class. It is amazing! The best money I have ever spent and it wasn't even that much. But she has a long waiting list so if you your interested get on her list.

Elise said...

I shoot in digital...I have a Canon Rebel Xsi that I learned on and recently when I decided to go professional I upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark II. Pricey but I LOVE that camera!

I love digital...I am an instant gratification kind of gal so I don't think I would ever be able to work creatively in film. I love the idea of it though and recently started collecting vintage film cameras so you never know.

I am glad you got to stay for the mousse...sounds scrumptous and romantic!