Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amis a Paris!

You can't even imagine the counting down at our house for this visit from good friends from home! Sweet Pea's good friend S came with her mom J to spend 4 days with us playing in Paris.

J was planning on flying over to Europe anyway this summer to meet up with E and I suggested they all rendez-vous chez moi for a nice long playdate!

S is a trooper. The morning that they landed we did some unpacking and refreshing and then we were off to the market and a playground. Sweet Pea and Buddy were excited to show their friend where they have been playing for the past few weeks.

Can't you just hear them? Little girls arm in arm walking through this amazing city.

Later that afternoon we went to Les Places des Vosges and hung out in the late day sun while the kids played.

The next day we went down to Paris Plages for a walk along the Seine with some ice cream. The kids found this potable water station and had some fun on a hot summer day. Paris Plages is set up every year (4th year running I think) to provide some fun and entertainment for city residents to beat the heat during July and August.

There are several Petanque courts set up and you can borrow a set of boules to have a bit of fun while you stroll along the Seine.

After the Plages we headed straight for Gare du Nord to pick up E from her long train ride! Doesn't she look beautifu!?!

The kids were so excited to see here. They were leaping all around the platform. It was so cute.

After the grabbing E at the train station we headed over to the Eiffel Tower to see if we could head on up to see the sights of Paris. Sweet Pea has been so excited to get to go UP the tower with her good friend S.

Unfortunately the lines were so long that it wasn't worth it. It was a gazillion degrees and the line for the elevator was about 2-3 hours long. Grrr. The kids were very disappointed.

We did get some cute shots though!

And a mediocre family one...

Gosh, he's getting big.

The other reason we could not wait in line at the ET for so long this day was that it was GNO time! J, E and I headed to Chez Janou for dinner and then bar hopping and finally to a dance- or rather dance-ish club. It was a great night out and apparently my French gets better with booze.

Sunday we watched the final leg of the Tour de France wiz by but I'll do a separate post about that....

Monday it was time to have our final day in Paris so we had to get it all in. Here are the girls in their matching Paris T-shirts.

and yes we finally made it up the Eiffel Tower. Despite leaving the house in 90 degree weather and arriving to rain, cold wind, and thunder storms, we waited for nearly 2 hours to get up and got some really cute shots while we were up there! Making memories is what it is all about!

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