Sunday, July 19, 2009

S'amuse bien....

There are a very many people who shy away from taking their small children to Europe because they think the kids won't appreciate being there. Yes, dragging little kids from museum to museum can get tiresome but there is so much in European cities for kids. I think they cater to children more than large US cities do and perhaps that is why American's have a hard time grasping that their little kids will actually have fun in Europe. The kids and I are hopscotching from playground to playground around Paris. The first one you see here is the one right by the market I like to shop at for fresh produce. It is a good little compromise we have. Everyone behaves while mom does the shopping and then we get a good long stretch at the playground.

This is the playground at the Luxembourg Gardens which you must pay to enter. It is 2.30 euros/kid and if you want to go in with your kids you need to pay the 1.60 euro fee for an adult. SJ and I stopped here earlier after a long walk around the 6th looking at a possible neighborhood for our September apartment. The apartment is less than a block from Le Jardin so if we get it - the kids will be veterans of this PG.

So this contraption is a little zip wire of sorts for the kiddos. You can see above that you grab a poma seat thingy and drag it across the platform and then hop on for a swing ride around.

Then you get back in line and do it all over again!

When the playgrounds offer stuff like this and are in such good condition you don't mind paying for an all day ticket. If we end up living near here in September that all day ticket will be really worth its salt!

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Meg said...

I couldn't agree more when you say Europe is kid friendly- we dragged X around and nobody looked twice at us- except maybe to hold/rock him so we could finish our meals.....they are so prokid - restaurants/movies/plays/ touristy places......we miss Europe so much!