Friday, August 28, 2009

Are we really that old?

cough. cough. ahem. 21 years? Really?

Luckily in the company of good people, conversation can pick up right where it left off after that much time. This is a friend of mine from camp I have not seen in over two decades. He lives in MN and I live on the East Coast but I guess it took Paris to bring us together again after so many years. Which is fitting since we went to a French language summer camp.
I hear you snickering- it was fun. and campy. just with baguette.

He is now married to a great woman whom I really could have spent much more time getting to know. Anyway, I am grateful they contacted me while they visited the City of Lights so we could catch up over a bottle of wine in the Tuilleries. I had a fabulous time. A tout a l'heure Justin!

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