Wednesday, August 05, 2009

She must have fallen in a hole...

Having returned to Paris and found the internet in the same heap on the floor as it was in Pezenas I wasn't able to update my blog for a while. It is now the last week in August and I am slowly catching up. Putting all the posts on the correct days though so dig through below to see more posts.

A friend of mine referred, at one point, to my blog as a virtual live feed from Paris. That was until we had some friends come and visit and then we got busy preparing for and going on vacation. We are currently in Languedoc staying in a beautiful village about 15 minutes from the beach and amidst loads of vineyards. We are exploring by day and I intended on catching up on blogging by night. Unfortunately, the internet here is dodgy at best and I am unable to upload photos. And without photos, what's the point, right? So be patient my friends- there are a plethora of posts coming as soon as I can get back to Paris and plug into that ethernet cable.

xoxo for now.......

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Meg said...

enjoy yourself....we'll catch up with you later;)