Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pezenas. Love it. Will return.

We stayed here- great place. I could not speak more highly of this hotel. We rented an apartment through them but the hotel was spectacular.

The top and middle windows are ours.

Somebody in this neighborhood dares to be different....and I like it!

The old streets of Pezenas. So beautiful.

My new nephew has a few things from here.....

Friday nights in August the town put on a wine tasting festival. It was small and not as good as the one we hit in Fitou but fun nonetheless.

This place opens up early early in the morning to sell shellfish. I grabbed some mussles one day for part of our dinner that night.

Okay so at home we have biscuits we can make out of a can. Here you pop open that thing and can make Pain au Chocolate. I just had to try it!

They were terrible. (shaking her head and smiling with a grimace)

Although not as terrible as this horrible dessert called le religeuse (sp?) - I am not even going to explain it - the pictures say it all.

This is a petit pate de peznas which is a specialty for the town of minced meat and dried fruit. I loved them. Rest of family said "no thank you". Okay. More for me.

And being so close to spain- Paella was everywhere.

What could be more french than a man in a beret selling a huge hunk of cheese?

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