Saturday, August 22, 2009

A walk in the parc

After yesterday's nice day trip to Reims, SJ and I spent the day with Nana and the kids out and about in Paris. The kids had seen a picture of this huge head so we had to find it. Luckily it was right near the kitchen equipment store Nana and I wanted to go to.

This is the park by Les Halles.

After climbing, lunching and shopping, we headed across the Pont Neuf for a photo op.

and then onto luxembourg gardens. As I have mentioned before the playground here is kick-ass.

We always meet lots of kids when we come here and today was no different. Except this little girl was half French and half American and had moved here permanently. Sweet Pea and she became fast friends even though this little girl was a whole 2 years older. They were inseparable for the entire time we were here and begged for les mamans to exchange info. Of course I am always eager to assist my children as they branch out and meet new people and was armed with pen and paper offering contact info. Unfortunately, you'd think that this child's half French came from her mother but no, she was also American, but had adopted French attitude about meeting new people. She was so reluctant to meet me and I even caught her rolling her eyes. Lovely. She made every excuse under the sun as to why a get-together for the girls wouldn't be possible and then offered to text me her email so the girls could write back and forth. Nothing ever came. Such a shame.

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