Sunday, August 02, 2009

En Vacance

After having apparently slept through violent thunderstorms which disrupted the sleep of my entire family except for me I woke up at 7:30 refreshed and excited about the impending day in the southern sunshine. I tossed on my running shoes and amidst the flack I was receiving from my very sleepy husband who was needling me about my long standing claim that ever since having children I am unable to sleep through anything – but some how slept through the heavens opening up last night- I smiled sweetly and put on my iPod and took off for a jog. I don’t jog by the way. I have bitchy knees that complain bitterly when asked to perform as shock absorbers so I really don’t do much in the way of cardio that isn’t low or no impact. But alas I am in France for 3 months and I have to do something about all the damn bread I am eating! So, after a brisk walk to warm up I eased into a slow jog and proceed to get lost in the jungle of ancient streets with buttoned up shops. Jogging on old European cobbled streets is tricky. Especially for one with bitchy knees. Add to that the lunging and dodging required to avoid the dog shit littered everywhere and my knees were giving me hell. But this Sunday morning brought back yet another memory from college. All those closed quiet morning streets are not only littered with dog poop but on Sunday mornings they are also littered with vomit from the rowdy night prior. I had a little chuckle to myself as I recalled all my college days spent in Europe and kept on running. After doing two circuits around the entire town in 15 minutes, noticing 2 guys doing the walk of shame and 3 other young men apparently leaving for the beach, I decided it was time to head back and get my clan moving.

Luckily the run was invigorating because we had no coffee in house this morning. Grrr. A quick shower, kids wolfing down Cheerios Miel and every one sun-screened and in suits and we were off. We headed down to Cap D’Agde to a place we were told was good for kids. SJ and I settled into a pair of lounge chairs rented from one of the beachside cafĂ©’s and we watched our kids play in the soft fine sand and frolic in the warm waters of the Med. The day turned out to be hot and beautiful with an occasional breeze and a stray cloud giving a respite from the blazing sun.

About 2:30 we decided to leave our comfy chairs and head to the car to have a looksee around the area. We drove down to Beziers and then back to Pezenas where we had a quick change and then did a late afternoon stroll around the town. This was much like the passagiatta you find in Italy. Everyone is out before dinner having a leisurly stroll. The shops opened up and the cafes were bustling. Eventually we found a beautiful square with a few cafes and a band just starting up. We found a suitable place and grabbed a table for the four of us for some wine and cheese while we enjoyed our surroundings. The lovely waitress gave the children crayons and paper and I decided that not all French waitstaff would continue to fall into the same category.

A quick skype session with my brother while I made quiche for dinner and the day was done with a happy smile and droopy eyelids.

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