Thursday, August 06, 2009

Narbonne but not quite Carcassonne

Today we decided to do the Cathar Castle route starting in Narbonne and driving inland to Carcassonne. Narbonne delivered on its promise of a cute town with an unfinished gothic cathedral. It was lovely and I even had a few spare minutes to do some shopping and get some cute things for Sweet Pea and myself.

This is the cathedral in Narbonne that was never finished. Something to do with a bad economy (we can all relate to that right?) followed by the black death. A most unfortunate set of circumstances. It was interesting though to be able to see a slice in history and imagine what it was like during the building process of one of these great architectural masterpieces.

A castle we passed on the road to Carcassonne.

Here is another that offered a tour so we stopped. It was full of mystery and intrigue which was lots of fun.

It was hot when we got out of the car. The temperature had been steadily rising as we drove further and further away from the coast. This place was about half way to Carcassonne and the thermostat was reading 36 degrees C which is really just more than I can handle in the heat department.

Luckily this place had either artificial or natural stone AC so it was nice inside.

Back on the road we gave up on Carcassonne since really if it was any hotter than 36 when we got there I wasn't going to get out of the car. So we turned around and drove back down our winding road straight for the nearest body of water.

And this is what we found.

It was nice to get out and play in the water even though it was no longer 36 but a mere 27 degrees.

My cute kids!

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