Sunday, August 14, 2011

the final countdown

Well I actually slept last night. Not a full night's sleep but 6 hours jet lagged and expecting a baby is pretty good.

It is 8:30 am on Monday.

Baby day.

 Breakfast was crazy. There were three families down there with us and we are all freaking out. Jitters today. Jittery excitement is felt all around. We are all over analyzing what we should wear, how many nannies will be with the girls, and how we are all going to get pictures of everything. Another father and I have video cameras and little tripods so we are thinking we will set up the cameras in the room to shoot the entire thing. We are already talking about trading still cameras for each family's event. This wild ride just got crazier!

We are now waiting to go down at 8:50 for a meeting with our guide.I assume we will be back in our rooms by 11:00 am to then sit tight for 3 hours! 


3 Hours!!!

And then it will be 2:00 pm and we will board our bus and go.


Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

I know I've said this so many times now, but I am beyond excited for you all. I'm looking forward to pictures of your family of five. xoxo

Sue said...

I can't believe you're only hours away. I'm shedding so many happy tears for your whole family. I can't wait to see those first photos!

Meg said...

Sending lots of hugs and love!!!!!!

Ali said...

GOOSEBUMPS. I will be thinking of you all day (though by now, maybe you've already met Cici?!). Sending you guys love from way back home!!

Michele said...

I found your blog through the RQ and kept around because I love your site. So excited for you! We were in China adopting our little one just a few weeks ago. You have your sweetie by now and I can't wait to hear the update. Congratulations!