Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thread Count

As soon as we received our referral we immediately joined our daughter's orphanage Yahoo Group. From there I was able to get lots of information on this particular SWI and also find links to videos of the facility and pictures of the surrounding area. I was also able to learn from these BTDT Yangxi parents that the babies are given a wash cloth to go to sleep with at night. Their version of a lovie. And since the girls slept on wooden planks, it won't surprise you to learn that Cici does not go to sleep without her lovie (now a giraffe blankie) under her face. She is a tummy sleeper which is why most of her hair is in good shape and not rubbed off. The first day we had her she got so upset and we could not console her...until I remembered that thing about the wash clothes. I grabbed on out of the bathroom and she grabbed it from me and stuck it in her mouth. She immediately calmed. It is her version of a paci. But over the past week we have found her grabbing and stealing hotel napkins and we are joking that she now has a taste for expensive linen. She will always be a girl fond of textiles but now that she has experienced 800 thread count, she's not going back to terry cloth!

Here is a picture of the group of moms and Cici sucking on her cloth. She is like a little treasure box, every day we find something new.

We wore these big and little t-shirts to the safari park on Friday. At one point a Chinese girl walked up to SweetPea, pointed to her shirt and said "Jei Jei." Which means "big sister" in Chinese.


bbk said...

Love the pictures of your THREE children! :)

Debbie Sauer said...

Gorgeous kids!! Blessings

Alison Ryan said...

Loving it. All of it!

Marci Faye said...

Absolutely precious, Shannon! The pictures of them in their T's are treasures!